Pest Control

How We Are Different!

  • Our focus is on diagnosing and addressing root causes of pest problems. Pesticide applications are a last resort.


  • We teach and train you and your facility staff, building occupants and tenants how to “think pest” as they go about their normal activities to prevent pest problems. Creating awareness of why pest problems occur, and how they can be prevented, can greatly reduce pest problems, saving you time and and money.


  • Because our focus is not on pesticide applications, we don’t require “treatment prep” such as emptying cabinets of food and dishes, or bagging clothing or bedding.


  • We work within the capabilities of those we help. While spotless, meticulously maintained new buildings make pest management easier, that's not the reality for most situations.


We apply the latest science! Our Ph.D. entomologist maintains close relationships with leading scientists to learn and apply results from the latest research.

Benefits to You

  • Many fewer costly pest complaints

  • Fewer staff absences

  • Better staff performance

  • Happier staff, tenants and visitors

  • Lower your liability 

  • Improved food safety

  • Improved fire safety

  • Energy, water conservation

  • Better buildings